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Reflections on a Writ

Most people reading here already know that I received a writ for elevation to the Order of the Pelican this last weekend at Crown Tourney.  It’s been quite an experience!  Trying to get my thoughts in some sort of order at this point… Continue reading


Heraldry Day!

I’ve been chastised for not posting in forever.  Mea culpa, and all that, and here’s a post!

Part of why I haven’t been blogging on my SCA activities is because what I’ve mostly been doing is a 500p3r 53kr1t project!  (= super secret, for those of you who don’t speak l33t).  It is awesome and fun but cannot be discussed right now; and I’ve been working on that instead of the red dress, so… yeah.

BUT there’s stuff going on besides A&S, of course.  For example… about two weeks ago, Lady Elizabeth (our kingdom submissions herald) and I drove out to the Shire of Corvaria, which is a fun little group unfortunately rather isolated due to geography (they are surrounded by mountains and especially in winter hard to get to/from).  A lot of people there were interested in registering heraldry but had trouble getting access to the right resources (heralds and books).

This is where E & I came in. 🙂  We showed up with ourselves, around a hundred Crayola markers, and a whooooole lotta books and forms.  The Shire fed us lunch and dinner via potluck (and it was lovely!) and we helped people brainstorm and research options.  In the end I think we had a total of 17 items submitted – names, devices and badges!  Everyone seemed to get something they liked, and happily nothing made the heralds twitch, either. =D

Corvaria Heraldry DayIt’s the kind of stuff that makes me love being a herald – helping people understand how and why heraldry is so cool, and helping them work disparate ideas about what they want into a unified whole.  Hopefully we did our conflict checking right and everything passes…!


Well, I have returned from my pilgrimage to the great eastern gathering!  I had a fabulous time (unsurprisingly) and am not really ready to enter the modern world again.  A ton of people brought me bits of my camp, so all I had to bring on the plane was my garb.  It was amazing to be back with my barony again; they’s some of my favorite people in the world and it was so great to feel like I’d never left!

I ended up spending a LOT of time volunteering at herald’s point, consulting on armory submissions and helping with paperwork in the evening.  I love consulting and I’m really devoted to heraldry, but I think I probably overdid it.  I never made it into the bog, took only one class the whole week, did not dance at all, and missed seeing some people I really wanted to catch up with.  It’s a tough dilmemma; serving really makes me happy, and serving in heraldry is EXTRA awesome, but then I deprive myself of other awesome things.  So I need to figure out why I felt so driven to skip things in favor of working, and how to strike a better balance between service-time and me-time.

Other notes… there was some shopping.  I bought some things that were wise purchases, and some things that might have been less wise (so much fabric, so little time!).  I taught two classes; still don’t feel like I’m all that great a teacher, but practice makes perfect.  Had fun drinking with my barony.  Had fun with Northshield, both at games and at bardic.  Coveted the same expensive jewelry I covet every year and have not bought yet (siiiigh).  Saw some amazing and inspiring pieces at the A&S display.

All in all, had a FABULOUS time.  Hopefully I can go again next year!