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Patent of Arms

I’m gradually catching up with the aftermath of July’s Laurel ceremony, including chipping away at the dozens of thank-you notes that I owe to the many awesome people who made the day so special.   Today, I also took the opportunity to snap a photo of my Patent of Arms scroll on the copy stand at work, so that I could show it off here.  This marvelous work is by Leah bat Yehiel of Three Mountains.  I can’t believe that she completed this piece of art with only eight days notice!

This also may be the longest text of a peerage scroll that I’ve ever seen . . . it took about five minutes to read it into court!Image


Bar Gemels report

I had a fabulous time at Bar Gemels – great site, great event, great people!

Sadly I did NOT win the charter competition.  I’m told it was very close, which is nice, and it’s probably good I didn’t – this gives me a reason to keep trying.  I do wish that there had been a display of all the entries, but they got something like 40 submissions, so I understand that would have been hard!  I also wish we’d had the opportunity to get some feedback from the judges on our work – but no such luck.

Anyway, later this afternoon I will upload photos of what I’ve completed, so y’all can give me feedback then!

Galeran points out that perhaps I was a winner anyway since I got to go home with a charter – Their Highnesses Suvia and Rustam honored me with a service grail!  I was pretty surprised to receive that award after only being here nine months; it’s rather humbling and also extremely cool.  And it’s always great to receive awards from royalty you really like – S&R are pretty much my ‘first’ Summits royalty and they’ve been so gracious allowing me to herald Their courts despite my being so new here.  I’ve really enjoyed working with Them, which made it extra special to receive the award from Their hands.

Bar Gemels prep

It’s only Wednesday, but I’m already very focused on the event this weekend.  For starters, it’s the first camping event of the season (for us, anyway – we chose not to camp at Coronet last month) – and it’s a site with cabins, which makes it much easier.  It’s also a relatively local event, and those are my favorite – you get to hang out with all your bestest friends!

I’m also entering an A&S competition this weekend – something I almost never do.  But there’s a charter competition and the fact that it has a novice category inspired me.  (Brief IKA digression: An Tir doesn’t have scrolls, it has charters.  Furthermore, almost no charters are unique; they are designed for each award and each reign in black and white outline, photocopied, and painted.  So all I’m doing on charters is painting.)  Anyway, I had hoped to do at least three charters, preferably more, but I think I’m only going to finish two in time, which makes me sad, because I think the third one will be the best.  Still, my first two charters ever are pretty good (IMHO), and I’m eager to get some feedback this weekend!