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Heraldry Day!

I’ve been chastised for not posting in forever.  Mea culpa, and all that, and here’s a post!

Part of why I haven’t been blogging on my SCA activities is because what I’ve mostly been doing is a 500p3r 53kr1t project!  (= super secret, for those of you who don’t speak l33t).  It is awesome and fun but cannot be discussed right now; and I’ve been working on that instead of the red dress, so… yeah.

BUT there’s stuff going on besides A&S, of course.  For example… about two weeks ago, Lady Elizabeth (our kingdom submissions herald) and I drove out to the Shire of Corvaria, which is a fun little group unfortunately rather isolated due to geography (they are surrounded by mountains and especially in winter hard to get to/from).  A lot of people there were interested in registering heraldry but had trouble getting access to the right resources (heralds and books).

This is where E & I came in. 🙂  We showed up with ourselves, around a hundred Crayola markers, and a whooooole lotta books and forms.  The Shire fed us lunch and dinner via potluck (and it was lovely!) and we helped people brainstorm and research options.  In the end I think we had a total of 17 items submitted – names, devices and badges!  Everyone seemed to get something they liked, and happily nothing made the heralds twitch, either. =D

Corvaria Heraldry DayIt’s the kind of stuff that makes me love being a herald – helping people understand how and why heraldry is so cool, and helping them work disparate ideas about what they want into a unified whole.  Hopefully we did our conflict checking right and everything passes…!