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finished dress!

So I finally finished the red dress! Mostly, anyway. All the seams are sewn and flat felled and it’s ready to be hemmed. I didn’t have quite as much fabric as I’d hoped, so it hits about mid calf. I could either leave it is as a shorter overdress, or add a length of another color around the bottom. Given what’s in my stash I think I’d have to add white. Not sure how I feel about white at the bottom! Not the most practical idea, certainly. I could wait a little and see what I have left when I make up the gold wool for Galeran… ponder.

Anyway. I had originally planned to norskify the hell out of this with mammen embroidery but I have changed my mind; if I do something less culturally specific the dress is more versatile. But I do want to jazz it up somehow, just not something that screams ‘norse’ so I think I’m going to take inspiration from these lovely cuffs I saw at Crown last fall and seek out some metal findings and accent those. It’ll be sort of generically period-esque, I know, but beautiful and versatile!


not so sekrit project

Someone poked me a while ago for not posting recently.  Well, I didn’t want to post about what I was working on, since it was a surprise.  But now it’s done, and you are welcome to go look and review and offer comments!

In fact, I really hope you will offer comments.  I put a lot of thought into making this a period-appropriate piece, and since the Embellisher’s Guild sponsored a competition at 12th Night, I entered it there before giving it away as planned.

Total. Waste. Of. Time.  I got the feedback ‘love this pouch! you do great work!’  No comments on my two pages of documentation (i.e. about a page and a half more than most folks), on how well I did approximating a period piece/not, no responses to the various ‘things I wish I could change/want to learn more about/need more practice in’ section.  Srsly.  What was the point of entering?  Extra frustrating given that this has been my experience in almost every A&S competition I’ve ever entered.  How am I ever going to improve if no one does anything but blow smoke up my ass?

Oh well.  They just extended the deadline for single entries at Kingdom A&S, so I have until the end of the week to decide if I’m up for having it there.  A little nervous – that might be the other end of the spectrum and more than I want to deal with.  Thoughts?

(Ohyeah.  And I’s a protegé now.  Which is why I’m posting all about art stuff. 🙂 )