We’re fans of food, both in real life (i.e. modern recipes) and within the context of the SCA.  Food is one of the necessities of life, but a well presented meal nourishes so much more than your body.  Food can be a symbol of  warmth and welcome – many old traditions say that if you’ve offered food and shelter to someone, you can’t do them harm.

Within the SCA, medieval food is encountered almost exclusively at feasts.  That word is important – a feast is more than just nourishment, more than a mere meal.  A feast should present not only accurately researched recipes; it should also consider how the different dishes mesh together.  Furthermore, it should take into account the atmosphere – in what kind of room would this sort of meal have been served?  Who would be in attendance? What kind of entertainment would be offered?

Finally, remember that food in the SCA does not have to be limited to a feast.  If you’re attending an event, bring a cold lunch of medieval foods.  Make plans to share a medieval potluck with friends. There’s no reason why you can’t occasionally serve medieval foods as part of a modern meal, either!


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