Sarafina’s Pomegranate & Bees

A piece for my friend Sarafina Sinclair’s Laureling (fall 2007). Sarafina is a 16th century Scot – the sort of raised embroidery used in this project eventually developed into stumpwork, which has raised/padded bits as well as pieces that, for lack of better terminology, I’ll call “little sticky-out bits” – imagine embroidery worked on a wire frame that then stands out from the pieces and you might get a better idea. The height of stumpwork is more Jacobean than Elizabethan, but this sort of padded work is very appropriate to Sarafina’s period. I chose the design based on her device. I originally wanted to try to learn lace-making and edge the handkerchief, but I found out pretty fast that I hate needle-lace, so skipped that section. I cut the handkerchief to this size when I was intending to edge it; if I’d realized sooner that I didn’t like needle-lace, I’d have cut it a little bigger. The ground is linen; the thread is primarily DMC cotton, with the exception of the gold DMC metallic. Split stitch, long-and-short satin stitch, and french knot. (Click on any individual slide to go to the full album/larger size photos.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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