Embroidered Jorvik Hood

I finished and kept an embroidery piece for myself!  Wool Jorvik-style hood with embroidery inspired by the Mammen finds (see here for more info on the Mammen embroideries).  Wool hood lined with linen, wool split stitch embroidery, wool tablet woven ties (which someone else made for me, can’t take credit for those).  Started January 2014, finished March 2015.  Guesstimating 50 or so hours of work, but I am horrible at keeping track!

Hood/cap fragments have been found from the Viking age settlements at Dublin and York (Jorvik). Now, based on someone else’s version (and more detailed research), my simple sewn-from-a-rectangle design is, uh, wrong. In fact, a lot of things about mine are probably wrong:

  • Overall shape/construction too simple (no darts) and very probably too big overall
  • Jorvik finds are silk, mine is wool (although Dublin finds are wool)
  • Ties on the bottom corners vs. halfway up the sides like Jorvik
  • Fancy tablet weaving for ties, which might wear out easily, probably not historically accurate
  • To my knowledge none of the finds we have include this sort of embroidery or are lined
  • The embroidery in the Mammen finds (my inspiration) was stem stitch, not split stitch, and I shifted the color pattern as well

However, I made myself a pretty warm thing that I will get great joy out of wearing.  That was my goal, so I’ll count this project a success!  Click on any photo for slideshow.


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