Melody for Roar!

A new song by Galeran… here is the Melody for Roar!

At evening court at crown tournament yesterday, I performed a new An Tirian anthem with the help of Bieiris do Romans and Mea Passavanti, two very talented bards.  The reception was quite positive, and several people have asked me for the words or tune so that they can learn the song and join in.  You’ll find the lyrics below, and a rough, single-take recording of the melody (MP3) at the link above.  I’ll try to get the performers together so that we can also record the drum and harmony, but this should be good enough to let people learn the melody.

Thanks for all the positive feedback on the song so far!


Galeran Chanterel (mka Brian Sidlauskas)
Written during the reign of UlfR and Caoimhe (A.S. XLVII, April 2013)


Lion’s pride and Lion’s children,
Hear my song and heed your King’s word
Lay your ploughs and books aside once more.

Harness steel and harness stallion,
Pay no heed to fields left barren,
Join your Sire’s side and ride to war!


For we’ll face the foe with honor,
Join the battlefray with valor,
And strike wonder in the Western foe’s heart’s core!

As we charge into the war-throng,
Our clear voices raise the bloodsong,
And from every mountain high resounds our Roar!


Groom your sons and train your daughters
Rouse your sisters, cousins, brothers,
Answer fortune’s knocking at your door!

Quit your home and leave your hearthstone,
Join the Grail and Griffin enthroned,
An Tir rise, gladly ride to war!


As summer comes, with cuckoos singing,
Grows the sound of anvils ringing,
Forging blades to smite the foe once more.

Polish helm and burnish armor
Raise your glass, then raise your banner
Lay your tools aside and ride to war.


Sharpen blade and tighten bowstring,
Blow the horn and let the harp sing,
Legends rise, we live old tales one more!

Strengthen arm and mind and sinew,
Show the world what Lions can do,
He commands it! An Tir rides to war!


From meadhalls and grand pavilions,
Throngs a host with might of millions,
Tir Righ rise! Let griffin twins now soar!

With honor bright, with kingly bearing,
Roar your pride, your song, your daring!
None can best a noble heart at war.


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