still here!

I forget about this blog a lot… I just go do what I’m doing and let that be it.

But, OK, things are still happening!  Arts wise… well, I just recently finished my Manesse codex dress and will be wearing it to 12th night this weekend.  This is my first ‘really looks like it came from a painting’ outfit… I’ll take pictures and you can see how it turned out. 🙂

I also just finished a coif for Galeran – wool, lined with linen, embroidered with a laurel wreath.  Turned out really nicely if I do say so myself – and I estimate only about 50 hours of work, which is not bad for one of my embroidery projects!!  I’ll try post pictures of that after the weekend, too.  (Right now it still has chalk outlines on it, so need to deal with that first.)

Service wise, I am more active than I planned to be given grad school!  I’m doing some work for Lions Blood (our kingdom submissions herald) since one of his deputies had to step down in order to  be princess (tough life, I know!).  That’s pretty minimal, just takes some planning.  I’ve also agreed to be drop dead deputy for Bleu Grael (principality herald).  I will not be able to do most of his job if he does drop dead, but I can at least get the reports in… sadly no one else will take it, which really disappoints me.  Haven’t been getting to a ton of events but I generally sit gate or herald’s point when I’m there – this weekend I’m planning on being at the consult table, although given 12th night is so close, I suspect we will have a great sufficiency of heralds available!

I also have a combined art/service project – making award necklaces for Their Highnesses of the Summits.  There’s nothing particularly period about what I’m doing, but it takes a little eye for design to make them pretty – and they are turning out to be VERY pretty.  Pictures if Fortune ever sends them to me. 🙂  I haven’t done a lot of painting lately but would like to do at least one charter this reign – I’ll see what the charters are like after Royal Coronation this weekend.

I enjoyed finishing up my hand sewing projects recently – machine sewing is not as fun for me but I do enjoy hand work.  I’ve also realized what a huge outlet creative stuff is for me – I always feel better on a day I can be a little crafty, and given the stress that comes with school, that seems like a good thing to include!  So I think my next project will be mammen-style embroidery on my Jorvik cap – I’ll start it over the weekend, and given how long court is supposed to be, I might make significant progress. =D


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