Patent of Arms

I’m gradually catching up with the aftermath of July’s Laurel ceremony, including chipping away at the dozens of thank-you notes that I owe to the many awesome people who made the day so special.   Today, I also took the opportunity to snap a photo of my Patent of Arms scroll on the copy stand at work, so that I could show it off here.  This marvelous work is by Leah bat Yehiel of Three Mountains.  I can’t believe that she completed this piece of art with only eight days notice!

This also may be the longest text of a peerage scroll that I’ve ever seen . . . it took about five minutes to read it into court!Image


4 responses to “Patent of Arms

  1. Ha! Classic “Text by Randal the Redowtable”. 😀

    • Does he often write texts at this length? Don’t get me wrong, I think the text is marvelous, but I almost lost my poise when the herald was beginning to run out breath and His Majesty pointed out that we had just reached the halfway point. 🙂

      • Yes. It is one of the things he is known for. However, it must be noted that it is not pointless wordiness, full of TSCA blather. Randal strip-mines period documents- charters, writs, etc, and massages them a bit… you can be assured that the words in your charter came from something real, and that your charter is comparable to a document of similar weight and importance.

        Period documents were wordy, especially the gothic-era ones. I’ve got a bunch of stuff here that even in translation takes me forever to plow through. Very interesting though, to see how they organized thought, and what was important to them.

        • Oh, I had no doubt that the phrasing was drawn from a period source, and indeed, Leah and Randall told me a little bit about it. They were able to match time and place almost exactly to my persona!

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