Monthly Makers

I Keep. Wanting. to DO. Things.  Make things. Work on things.  Talk about things.  And it just doesn’t happen.  I do better with company, for starters; I also need variety.  I don’t have time for a C&I night, sewing night, music night, etc. every week or month.  Too much.  I think it’s too much for everybody else, too, and we lose focus.

I was also reflecting recently that if I were brand new to the SCA and lived in my shire, I would be feel a little lost.  Fighter practice is hard to just jump into, you need so much prep in terms of gathering equipment, and it’s not a practice super focused on teaching, it’s a… PRACTICE.  (Note this is not a criticism of the way things are – practices are important!  Just observing.)  We have dance practice, which is much easier to jump into as a newbie, but it’s also a fairly limited focus.  What if you want to do other stuff? Where do you start?

SO.  Thing of the month club, voila!  My goal is to host or coordinate a get together – with THEME – once per month.  It will be different every month.  It will be a different time every month, depending on schedule.  It will NOT be a class, it will be a general get together for working/chatting/sharing knowledge/asking questions, but nothing super formal.  It might be a sewing day; it might be a charter painting party; it might be a potluck dinner party where we all bring a dish from a single period source; it might be a bardic circle or period music night (note the same :)… etc.  But it will be scheduled, I will do it whether anyone else shows or not, and it’s open to anyone.

If you’re interested, please join the google group:  I’m thinking the first meeting will be the last weekend in March, leaning towards a C&I day but that’s TBD.  Hope there’s interest! 🙂


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