Well, I have returned from my pilgrimage to the great eastern gathering!  I had a fabulous time (unsurprisingly) and am not really ready to enter the modern world again.  A ton of people brought me bits of my camp, so all I had to bring on the plane was my garb.  It was amazing to be back with my barony again; they’s some of my favorite people in the world and it was so great to feel like I’d never left!

I ended up spending a LOT of time volunteering at herald’s point, consulting on armory submissions and helping with paperwork in the evening.  I love consulting and I’m really devoted to heraldry, but I think I probably overdid it.  I never made it into the bog, took only one class the whole week, did not dance at all, and missed seeing some people I really wanted to catch up with.  It’s a tough dilmemma; serving really makes me happy, and serving in heraldry is EXTRA awesome, but then I deprive myself of other awesome things.  So I need to figure out why I felt so driven to skip things in favor of working, and how to strike a better balance between service-time and me-time.

Other notes… there was some shopping.  I bought some things that were wise purchases, and some things that might have been less wise (so much fabric, so little time!).  I taught two classes; still don’t feel like I’m all that great a teacher, but practice makes perfect.  Had fun drinking with my barony.  Had fun with Northshield, both at games and at bardic.  Coveted the same expensive jewelry I covet every year and have not bought yet (siiiigh).  Saw some amazing and inspiring pieces at the A&S display.

All in all, had a FABULOUS time.  Hopefully I can go again next year!


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