sewing prep

A project I’ve had pending for quite some time is to remake my red wool gown; it’s one that I cut out at the last minute before an event and didn’t measure carefully, and of course it’s always showed.  I took it apart last weekend (and it was depressing how much faster it came apart than it had gone together!) so I’m ready to trim up the pieces, get everything cut evenly, and do it all again.  (I’m also taking the opportunity to hand sew the entire thing, including flat felling the seams, with silk thread.)

In prep for that, I’ve created this little graphic in google drawings detailing all the measurements I want to get (no laughing at my artwork!).  The convenient thing is that I can just type in the measurements straight onto the drawing, and update it when/if my weight changes significantly, and it will always be right there waiting for me.  I will probably create a similar graphic detailing the size/shape of the pieces I need to cut for the gown; it seems like every time I write down measurements and/or make notes on clothing construction, I end up scribbling them on a little piece of paper and having to reinvent the wheel next time.  Well, no more!  I am prepared and organized this time. 🙂  And if you think having a drawing like this would be helpful to you, just lemme know – I can ‘share’ mine with you on google docs, and then you can resave and add in your own measurements.  (The drawing would need modifying for boy measurements – primarily adding various leg measurements – but that shouldn’t be too hard.)


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