event foods

An Tir has introduced me to the concept of the potluck feast.  I’ve done event potlucks before, usually a bunch of friends planning a lunch together.   We’ve had as many as about 20 (which produced an extremely tasty lunch), but no more than that.  Potluck feasts for 80 up to… 500?  Not something I’ve ever considered.  Obviously it saves money and the manpower of producing a feast, although it doesn’t make for a very consistent sort of meal (all the same culture, time period, or some other theme), which I do like.  I miss the artistry involved in a prepared feast.

Buuuut that’s not the point here.  The point is, potluck feasts, I haz them.  And since thus far everyone seems to use the same system for assigning dishes (mundane last name), I always seem to be bringing main dishes.  While experimenting with new recipe redactions is good fun, I don’t think mass potlucks are the right place for that, so I’ve been defaulting to this Spinach Pie – mad tasty, super easy, transports well, vegetarian protein, and is good cold.  (Another fave recipe, Pie of Paris, hits the same buttons minus vegetarian – it’s a meat pie with dried fruit and there are tons of redactions out there, none of which are exactly what I use, so… no link, go find your own!)

So, what experience have you had with potluck feasts?  Any default dishes for such things, or for camping events, etc?


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