i can haz mantle!

Tonight I sat down and cut out and sewed my mantle – decided not to bother handsewing it since it’s made of dead dinosaur anyway.  It was SUPER easy – just cut out two half circles (fashion layer and lining), sew together, and voila!  (note that the cutting out is harder if you have a cat that wants to pounce on your fabric. and scissors. and hands.)  I sewed it up and then went back and zigzagged to prevent fraying.  For once, I actually sewed a garment without having to pull out any stitches because of sewing wrong sides, or putting parts on backwards, or whatever.

I still have to iron out the stitches and then hem it, but that’s easy enough.  I will hem it by hand – no visible machine stitching for me!  And then of course I need to figure out how I’m clasping it – I think I have some cord I made a while ago still around, and I have an idea for the clasps if I can find the pins I’m thinking of.  But, YAYY, exciting!  Haven’t done any sewing for a good year, and haven’t done a lot of art recently anyway, so it feels really nice to accomplish some of that.

Sadly my sewing machine is being very difficult.  Comes unthreaded about every four inches, or doesn’t stay threaded properly, etc.  Very annoying; but I haven’t had it serviced for almost three years, and have been meaning to do so, so clearly it’s time!

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