ah, sca, you’ve ruined me

After a long wait while catching up on old-school Dr. Who episodes, I started watching the BBC Robin Hood tonight.

A lot of it is quite good, and I hope I can force myself to watch more, because their Guy of Guisborne is hawt. 🙂  But I kept getting pulled out by all the inaccuracies.  Some things they did quite well, but others, not so much.  For instance, Robin walks around in what I’d call 18th century clothing at the earliest, and I think it’s closer to 19th century.  A lot of the women’s clothing appears to have come from the 1960s.  And while I do appreciate period artifacts, ‘pre-1600’ is not all one time, and Tudor houses do not so much belong in the 12th century.

I can ignore a lot of errors in non-period dramas, or in shows that are ‘period’ but clearly don’t take themselves seriously (think Xena, Warrior Princess).  But somehow I can’t turn it off when it’s SCA-time.  So conflicted!

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