fabric stores lie

this damnable mantle project is becoming, well, damnable, and I haven’t even sewn anything yet!

Went to wash the fabric today and had less than I thought I did – it’s about 60″ wide and I have maybe two yards of it.  So when I drape it over my shoulders as it would fall for a half-circle mantle, it comes roughly to my waist – not real long.  But of course it falls nicely to my feet in the back.

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Now, I got this from the remnant pile lo these many years ago; it was labeled as wool and someone had painted ‘made in italy’ on it in yellow (which doesn’t come out, hence it’s being lined).  But I looked at it again today and it didn’t have that little scratchiness I associate with wool, and I pulled off one little thread and sure enough, it melted.  ARRGH.

So now I’m not sure what to do.  I really want to use natural, period fibers, but I also hate to waste fabric.  And it’s soft and drapes nicely, after all.  But I really need a wool mantle before Pennsic.  I could probably give this away or donate it to something, I guess.  And fabric.com does have a really lovely medium weight wool for a very reasonable price…. sigh. What do you think?


4 responses to “fabric stores lie



    not helping, am I?

  2. It’s always a compromise… if you love the fabric and the drape, go ahead and use it. Just don’t go too near the fire. Hell, I KNOWINGLY made a gown FOR ROYALTY with non-natural fibers because we both loved the fabric so much.

  3. you know, James of Middle Aston got some “wool” fabric that had 100% Wool Made in Italy (or something a lot like that) woven into the edge. As far as I could tell w/ a burn test, though… it was 100% Dead Dino.


    But I agree, if you like the fabric, it has a good drape, etc. Go ahead and use it! If you decide later that you can’t live with it, donate it to Gold Key?

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