Bar Gemels prep

It’s only Wednesday, but I’m already very focused on the event this weekend.  For starters, it’s the first camping event of the season (for us, anyway – we chose not to camp at Coronet last month) – and it’s a site with cabins, which makes it much easier.  It’s also a relatively local event, and those are my favorite – you get to hang out with all your bestest friends!

I’m also entering an A&S competition this weekend – something I almost never do.  But there’s a charter competition and the fact that it has a novice category inspired me.  (Brief IKA digression: An Tir doesn’t have scrolls, it has charters.  Furthermore, almost no charters are unique; they are designed for each award and each reign in black and white outline, photocopied, and painted.  So all I’m doing on charters is painting.)  Anyway, I had hoped to do at least three charters, preferably more, but I think I’m only going to finish two in time, which makes me sad, because I think the third one will be the best.  Still, my first two charters ever are pretty good (IMHO), and I’m eager to get some feedback this weekend!


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